The Diary of A CEO E252 - Mo Gawdat (AI)

Mo Gawdat's deep insights on AI's potential dangers in Steven Bartlett's podcast provoke thought on our relationship with AI. It's a must-listen for policymakers, developers, and investors.
The Diary of A CEO E252 - Mo Gawdat (AI)

Table of contents

🚀 A short summary of the podcast

Mo Gawdat and Steven Bartlett are discussing AI. It is not your typical AI discussion you come across on LinkedIn or on any other medium. Listening to Mo talking about AI and what he believes is going on in the world at this moment is so important. Mo has a background in AI and you really notice that he has thought about AI deeply for a long time. The podcast mainly stands still on the dangers of AI, and to be more specific, the dangers of humans using AI.

🎨 Impressions

Why did I start listening to the podcast?

I’ve met Mo at a book signing after he gave a presentation on the happiness equation in his book Solve for Happy. It was very interesting meeting him and I know that any content where he collaborated in is good. He doesn’t just publish anything, he really makes sure it is thought through.

Who should listen to it?

The urgency lies with policy makers, developers and investors. So the people that are working in those fields need to listen to this.

☘️ What I’ve learned

  • I’be become more aware on my relationship with AI.
  • We are very close to a point of no return, how is this going to affect us?
  • So many questions in my mind I need to digest from this podcast. Like: Our first instinct is survival, why would an AI have that same instinct? Going to, Why is our first instinct as humans survival? What are we doing it all for? Real existential questions that have been roaming my mind because of this podcast.

✍️ Ending note

  • This episode maybe is a bit of a downer. But doesn’t have to be. As Mo describes, we need good parents, and there are a lot of those in this world.