The Joe Rogan Experience #1518 - David Choe (Life)

David Choe's candid discussion with Joe Rogan covers a range of topics from addiction to travel adventures. His openness provides a refreshing and inspiring perspective on life's challenges.
The Joe Rogan Experience #1518 - David Choe (Life)

Table of contents

🚀 A short summary of the podcast

David Choe is so open about his feelings and thoughts. Many people would shy away from these topics because they are afraid of the opinions of others. It is truly refreshing to listen to. It begins awkwardly because you are not used to this level of openness. In this 4-hour podcast, they discuss addiction, racism, traveling, depression, self-love, and so many more. A massive chunk of the podcasts is filled with crazy stories David experienced while traveling the world. From hitchhiking in the US, searching for a dinosaur in the Congo, and living with the Hadza tribe in Africa. Truly inspiring to listen to.

🎨 Impressions

Why did I start listening to the podcast?

I’ve came across some Youtube shorts on David Choe living with the Hadza tribe and wanted to know more about the person. I’ve never heard of him, but it is not the first time a not known guest for me has surprised me sitting at the table with Joe Rogan.

Who should listen to it?

This could easily be for all. The stories are very entertaining to listen to and the underlying emotions that David expresses are not talked about a lot. It kinda feels like you attend a live AA meeting where somebody tells his struggles. Truly inspring.

☘️ What I’ve learned

  • A lot of the issues we have in the western world are not ‘original’ problems, they are human made. Depression and suicide are foreign concepts to native tribes in Africa.
  • Dysevolution as coined by Daniel Lieberman is a real problem. I’ve first came across this term while reading the book breath by James Nestor about how our breathing patterns have evolved in a way that make us more sick. In this podcast they discuss that researchers are literally stealing the shit of the Hadza tribe to research their microbiome, which is way healthier than our western microbiome.
  • It will become harder and harder to resist addictions with our technological developments. With a smartphone you have a casino and a sex show (in all different categories) right in your pocket. Stay clear.

✍️ Ending note

What an amazing podcast episode of Joe Rogan. I was pleased to see that he came on a second time and can’t wait to listen to that one.